KAB Landscape アーティスト×京都の風景

An image featuring new scenery of Kyoto, created by an various artists on the home page.

Published in December 2012:

「Yusuke Mimasu “red virtual scenery (kyoto)”」

[Artist Statement]
Direct translation of the phrase “Shinsho Fukei” is the imaginary scenery. Since nowadays we spend a lot of time online, we might sometimes think the real scene around us being at a far distance away from us. The above picture is an image I got on the internet when searching “Kyoto scenery” and then modified it with computer graphic (CG) technique. Here is a faint but beautiful scenery of Kyoto which is out of my context.
Published in November 2012:

「Yuko Uryu ”kamogawa sanpo(kamo-river walk)”」

[Artist Statement]
One could see a smooth flow of peaceful life and many creatures there. While watching a world that I would never see again, I gather small transient sceneries. Through this I realized that we are an integral part of this universe.
Published in October 2012:

「Takuya Matsumi “No Title (Katsura-river)”」

[Artist Statement]
In Kyoto there are rivers and in the rivers there are deltas. Deltas have a natural ecosystem that those observing them from outside cannot really see. A day after heavy rain, fresh water replaces the stagnant water and then a small sandbank disappears. Temporary vegetation is swept right away and a new delta is formed: The repetition of deposition and flow.
Published in September 2012:

「Yuki Hayashi “moments”」

[Artist Statement]
Selecting pictures mainly of Kyoto from an enormous collection of past photographs, I created this animation by clipping and superimposing the images. A world emerges as diverse, photographed moments connect with each other. I am trying to investigate the state of contemporary communication mediated by the Internet and TV.
Published in August 2012:

「Tomoko Ichikawa“Nemuru kioku to tomoni (With sleeping memories) “」

[Artist Statement]
In Kyoto the hints of life are everywhere. They continue to exist, becoming part of the very air and temperature no matter how much the city is overwritten with new things. Whether you know it or not, the heart can mysteriously sense this. Just by gazing out blankly, the layers of history open up like a flower in my imagination. This painting depicts these moments I have experienced many times in Kyoto.
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