The KYOTO ART BOX (hereafter called the Website) is run by the Kyoto City Association for Arts and Culture (hereafter called the Foundation) which is commissioned by the City of Kyoto. When making use of this Website, please take note of the following points. Further, the Foundation may make any change regarding the terms of use of this Website, in which case an updated Site Policy will be re-published on this page. Please check for the latest information.

Site Policy


Please be aware in advance that the information on this Website may be updated, changed or removed without prior notice.

The information on the Website is carefully scrutinized for its accuracy. However, the Foundation will not be liable in relation to the information, the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website.
The Foundation will on no event be held responsible for any possible damages arising from the use of the contents of this Website.

Please be aware in advance that the configuration of the Website, conditions of utilization, URL and the content may be changed or terminated, and the operation of the Website may be interrupted or terminated without warning.

The Foundation can accept no responsibility for any damages whatsoever resulting from the above mentioned changes, interruption or termination of the operation of the Website. The content on websites of third parties other than the Foundation which are linked from or to the Website (hereafter called “the Linked Sites”), are managed and operated under the liability of the respective third parties, and not under the supervision of the Foundation. Thus, the Foundation does not take responsibility for the contents of the Linked Sites nor for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of those sites.


The copyright and other rights for all content such as the texts, images, maps, design, and data appearing on the Website belong to the Foundation, the original authors, or other right holders. Further of the content by any means such as reproducing, diverting, selling, summarizing, altering, adapting, uploading, displaying, transmitting publicly, making them transmittable, distributing, or publishing are strictly prohibited.


Please feel free to link to the Website,.
Please be aware in advance that the Foundation may refuse to accept linkage depending on the contents of the linked URL, the content of the business of the relevant websites, the method of linking, or their influence on the Foundation.


Privacy Policy

■Protection of Personal Iformation

The Foundation will strictly comply with the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law and other laws pertaining to the protection of personal information. The Foundation will take preventive measures against imposer access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage of the personal information of its customers.

■Collection of Personal Information

The Foundation may collect personal information from customers on the Website. The range of the information to be collected will remain within the confines of achieving the purpose of its use. When collecting personal information from individuals, the Foundation shall do so upon defining the purpose of the use of such information, and make sure that it will be used exclusively for achieving that purpose. Upon achieving the purpose of its use, the collected personal information will without delay be discarded and deleted.

Personal information will be used only for the purpose consigned publicly or at the time of collection, however, cases where individual’s consent is obtained or those permitted by the law are exceptional.

■Provision of Personal Information

The Foundation will never disclose or provide its customers’ personal information to third parties except the delegated parties to whom duties are entrusted by the Foundation without their consent. However, the Foundation may disclose or provide personal information without the consent of customers in the case that it is required by law, or that the Foundation needs to do so to protect human life, or others’ property.

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