About Kyoto Art Box


While known as a city with rich traditions, Kyoto is also full of creativity
that always pursues the authentic. The source of this lies in the large number of
artists and designers living and working in Kyoto, as well as the audiences
and industries who support the creative community.
Not just historical buildings and famous sights, Kyoto Art Box aims
first and foremost to show the day-to-day creativity and struggle,
and the vibrancy and potential of the city.

Kyoto Art Box, moreover, hopes to enrich relations between people,
since the seeds for creativity grow and blossom as a result of individuals
meeting each other and sharing ideas. Focusing on the individual in the fields of
arts and culture, the website intends to create a network of people and to
connect it to future activity.

Kyoto Art Box features information on arts and culture by various topics,
encouraging visitors to get to know the Kyoto of
today through the arts. Visiting the website will be a fresh and exciting
experience, like opening up a box of presents!


Kyoto Art Box is a website created by the city of Kyoto and featuring
information about local arts and culture.
This website is planned and implemented in accordance with
Kyoto Master Plan for Arts and Cultural City , and its operation is managed
by Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation).

Main Content

KAB Dialogue

Introduces the ideas and work of currently active contemporary artists through interviews
and round-table talks, as well as the voices of those who support the arts and artists.

Events Search

Full listing of the arts and cultural events happening in Kyoto, including exhibitions, performances, and workshops.

KAB Landscape

An image featuring new scenery of Kyoto, created by an artist and updated monthly on the home page.

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