sononochi “Dear landscapes 2021”

Visual Theater
Music Dance

Theatrical performance “Dear landscapes 2021”

This is a project consisting of performances on the theme of "Landscape of Shitsumi" and Workshop for making hand puppets and a participatory web photo exhibition.

The performances are indoor / outdoor performance that you can appreciate while taking a physical distance.

We will perform in the courtyard of the elementary school and in the scenery next to the school building.

Feel free to spend your time as you like.

When you come, please first drop in at the reception (former 1st grade classroom) in the back of the corridor in the school.

Director: Kazuyo Nakatani
Performance: Miho Fujiwara , Akiko Kamimoto , Kosuke Ashiya , Atsushi Heki

Creation members:
Kosuke Ashiya, Akiko Kamimoto, Ichiro Seno, Takatsukana, Miho Fujiwara, Atsushi Heki, Yuriko Hokkai, Karieko Mori, Karen Yamamoto, Chihiro Yoshioka, Tomo Wakita, Hiroshi Watanabe
Archive: neco, Yurika Koma

Date / Term

February 27, 2021 (Sat.) - February 28, 2021 (Sun.)
13:30 OPEN
14:30 performance①
15:30 performance②
16:30 performance③
17:00 CLOSE


Formerly known as “Shitsumi Elementary School”

Admission Free
Organizer Sononochi

*For more information, please contact the each organizer.

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