MuDA Exhibition "Recall, Perceive"

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Shaman art collective “MuDA” who perform “life-raising activities” through dance, fine art, and SEITAI methods will hold an exhibition at BnA Alter Museum this winter.

Recall, Perceive 
The last polar area where the body should go to, or the beginning of the origin point, inside this moment now, at the same time outside of this world. MuDA will recall and perceive ways to create shapes through drawing, earth, wood, and the body.
2019.11.16 (sat) - 12.15 (sun)
11:00 - 26:00
*2F→18:00 close
*Admission free
● “MuDA SEITAI + movement” lecture
11.16 sat 18:00 | ¥ 1000
*Admission free high school students and under
- Experience “MuDA SEITAI”
- Teaching of circulation exercise “Wild gymnastics", and “Readjusting of ankle misalignment” common cause of lower back and knee pain.
- Microbial drink “Shuwasaka” tasting and distribution.
*Bring a bottle if you would like to take some home*

● 365 times “TAORE” performance
12.1 (sun) and 12.15 (sun) 15:00 | ¥ 1000
*Admission free for high school student and under.
- A performance of repeatedly standing up for 365 times. 
*Duration about 1 hour. Re-entry/exiting are permitted
*Admission fee includes the ticket to SCG main exhibition “TO SELF BUILD”
Shaman art collective “MuDA” was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, centered around QUICK (Dancer・Artistic director・Choreographer・SEITAI master). They aim to embody and propagate “life-raising activities” that are essential for living, such as to continue to stand up, to continue to collide, to continue to change and release the load, to recover the mind and continue to circulate. Based on a specific dance which keeps the body colliding with the world, and the constructive and psychological techniques based on MuDA philosophy. MuDA creates art activities of life that develop and use various mediums such as body, objects, video and SEITAI.
Super SEITAI technique by body specialists "MuDA". Therapeutic hammering of body with a wooden hammer to improve pain, numbness, discomfort, etc. of the body (neck, shoulders, back, hips, hips, elbows, knees, limbs, toes, etc.) due to bone misalignment.

Date / Term

November 16, 2019 (Sat.) - December 15, 2019 (Sun.)
11:00 - 26:00
*2F→18:00 close
*Admission free


BnA Alter Museum 1F,2F

267-1 Tenmacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu.
(Northeast corner of Kawaramachi and Takatsuji Crossing)

5 minutes on foot from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
6 minutes on foot from Keihan Gion Shijo Station
3 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Matsubara bus stop

Organizer BnA Alter Museum
Contact tel: (+81) 075 748 1278

*For more information, please contact the each organizer.

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