Forces that work in resistance to existing values have always appeared during transitions in art form, which when overcome lead to a new culture, and this is not only the case in Japan. The culture of the thousand-year capital that is inherited in Kyoto has embraced new ideas and creations, helping to realise a culture with both tradition and modernism in the present. This spirit has been ceaselessly inherited by the artists, the very reason as to why so many innovative international artists continue to emerge from Kyoto. In February 2018, "ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO" in its maiden edition presented the artwork of domestically and internationally appraised artists and those of up-and-coming artists who were chosen under their selection, in a fascinating exhibition in the Meiji-era architecture, an Important Cultural Property that represents Kyoto. The thrilling experience of purchasing art, surrounded by artwork scattered in the eccentric atmosphere called much recognition, finally coming to an end whilst visitors were still in the midst of excitement after experiencing the beginning to a new history - an art fair that has removed its exhibition-like boundaries. "ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO" is a new style of art fair organised by the Kyoto Prefecture and the ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee, which nurtures a new value in artists by initiating the artists themselves in market development. By creating a stage for presenting work upon the artist and audience's relationship, and a natural culture of purchasing art, we aspire to construct a platform where our next generation of artists can continue to engage in cultural activities, sustainably and creatively.

Date / Term

March 2, 2019 (Sat.) - March 3, 2019 (Sun.)
10am - 6pm

Special preview on 1st(fri)

Venue The Museum of Kyoto Annex / Kyoto Shimbun former printing plant

Venue The Museum of Kyoto Annex (Sanjo-Takakura, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto TEL: +81-(0)75-222-08888)
Kyoto Shimbun former printing plant (239 Shoshoicho, Ebisugawa-agaru, Karasuma-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto)

Admission Entrance Fee 1000yen (Free for students upon presentation of student ID)
*Entrance to the Kyoto Shimbun former printing plant is free
ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee
TEL:+81 (0)75 414 4222 
Organizer Kyoto Prefecture, ARITSTS' FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee
Contact ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee
Culture and Arts Promotion Division,
Kyoto Prefecture Culture and Sports Department,
Nishiiru, Shinmachi, Shimodachiuri-dori,
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL:+81 (0)75 414 4222 
FAX:+81 (0)75 414 4223

*For more information, please contact the each organizer.

タイトル「2つの女の子」|サイズ 1630×1500x40mm
素材 キャンバスに油彩|制作年 2017

Tomoko Takagi [Futatsu no onnanoko]|1630×1500x40mm|Oil paints, canvas|2017

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