YOKOMIZO Miyuki “crossing points - red cage”


AOO is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Yokomizo Miyuki “crossing points ‒ red cage” .
Yokomizo Miyuki graduated in sculpture at Tama Art University and started artistic activities in earnest. Yokomizo, an expert at Site-specific Art, especially installation with large scale, has exhibited not only at private galleries but also in various art museums, such as “Criterium 37” in Contemporary Art Center Art Tower Mito (1998), “Plastic Age, ART AND DESIGN” in The museum of Modern Art Saitama (2000), “Slanting House” in The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2002) and “Purloined Nature” in Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art (2003).
She stayed in New York from 2001 as “Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Arts” , and the next year she exhibited two masterpieces, “please wash away” , in which a huge number of natural soaps and artificial ones of plastic resin are hung from ceiling, and “floating” , a white installation filled with mixed salt. Representing both toxic substances and vital materials equally, she deconstructed dichotomies as “Nature and Human” , “Fiction and Reality” and “Life and Death” . Through these works, the tranquility with warm light was created in New York soon after the September 11 attacks.
She also participated in varieties of Artist in Residence such as “Taipei Artist Village” (Taiwan, 2003), “Château de La Napoule” (France, 2004), “Aomori Contemporary Art Center” (Japan, 2004), “International Research Center for the Arts” (Japan, 2005) and “NAC” (Italy, 2005). “please wash away” was selected for “Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan” in 2004 and was exhibited for 15 years around the world until this spring.
Yokomizo’ s solo exhibition was held at AOO for the first time in two years. This time, we exhibit “red cage” forthe first time in Japan, on the basis of which her recent works “line” series were born.
“red cage” was first displayed in “Taipei Artist Village” in Taiwan, 2003. In this work, she created a minimal and tense cage constructed of many transparent tubes filled with red liquid around the white floor. When her blood was gathered in medical examination before visiting Taiwan, she felt as if her circulation stopped. In Taipei, she also astonished at many bloodstains on roadside, which afterward turned out to be spits with betel nuts, a native chewing tobacco. Of course red tubes in clean white floor remind us vital applications, but the silent space with warm light might show the consistent serenity of her works.
By showing “red cage” with latest “line” series, you can recognize in this exhibition the strength of her will undergoing from early installations to recent canvas works.
Two galleries in Tokyo “MARUEIDO JAPAN” and “GALLERY RIN” also hold Yokomizo’ s exhibitions “crossing points -A Scene of Light” and “crossing points -線が織りなす宇宙” (waving cosmos with strings) at the same period. We do hope you enjoy the three perspectives of Yokomizo’ s works.

Date / Term

September 18, 2018 (Tue.) - October 20, 2018 (Sat.)
11am ‒ 6pm

closed on Sundays, Mondays, and public holidays


207 Nishijin Textile Center West.414 Tatemonzen-cho, Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto 6028216 Japan

Admission Free
Organizer ART OFFICE OZASA inc.
Contact 207 Nishijin Textile Center West. 414 Tatemonzen-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 6028216 Japan Mail:

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red cage 2003 @Taipei Artist Villag

red cage 2003 @Taipei Artist Villag

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