Naya Sato“Oneness with Nature”


“Oneness with Nature” photo exhibition of Naya Sato is held at KYOTO MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY Gallery Japanesque 1F“Tsuki” From Tue., July 10 to Mon., July 16 2018.

“Oneness with Nature”

One night in dense forest of Yakushima, illuminated by moonlight trees through leaves of tree, I felt I called to stop by a nameless Yaku-cedar which usually is passed when walking in a trail.
Putting a camera and sitting on the plant root, I spent my time hearing soft sounds from deep in the forest with Yaku-cedar.

Touching the bark of Yaku-cedar which lives for thousands of years, I was poured something gentle in my hart.

“Excuse me, I’m visiting your forest. Thank you for wonderful meeting and time.” 

I also transmitted Yaku-cedar all words and feelings through my palm.

I’m kept alive here and now because of too many miracles. 

It’s a present progressive style of lives which is spun over generation and space-time. 

The nobility of all existing lives on earth and the love that asks nothing in return.

For message from Yaku-cedar, I returned all overflowing love through my palm. Then passing tree’s body, it returned to my body again.

It was so warm. I shed tears because my heart was fulfilled with relief and I got an unity that I had never experienced before.

-Oneness with Nature-

The mysterious event as I was connected to one tree was my first experience Yakushima’s nature accepted me.

Since then, I changed recognition of connection between nature and me. I realized all existences, from small sand grain to vast sky, are influenced with each other and are same life company on earth.

With impression in the ordinary life, I tell new sensibility of ecology by taking photos of sparkling, nobility of natural life, and life itself.

【Crystal Bowl Mini Live】

7/15 (Sun) 16: 00-16: 20

7/16 (Mon·Holiday) 11: 30-11: 50

【Artist Profile】

Naya Sato

Born in 1975, Japan, in Hokkaido, live in Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

His many imaged landscapes were formed by childhood experience in Hokkaido, such as playing with a Omurasakishikibu butterfly in forests or valleys in summer, and being impressed with diamond dust in winter.

He began to take portrait-photograph when he was 20 years old because he got a manual camera from his father.

After moving to Yakushima, he started to take nature photos because he was impressed by sparkle of lives in nature raised by the island.

At first, he couldn’t take satisfactorily photos. But, one moonlight night, when he went to forest which has big trees that were 1,000 years old and over for trekking, he met one Yakusugi. He thinks this meeting is a chance to become possible to take photos harmonized with natural surroundings.

Since then, he is certain that feelings from sense of unity with nature lead to ecology of next generation. So, he holds up “Oneness with Nature” and takes the photos.

Date / Term

July 10, 2018 (Tue.) - July 16, 2018 (Mon.)

Open Everyday

Kyoto Museum of Photography Gallery Japanesque 1F“Tsuki”

374-2 Horiikecho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto 605-0038. japan

Nearest station: 5 minutes from Higashiyama station, Tozai subway line on foot, 10 minutes from Sanjo station, Keihan railway on foot.

Admission Free
Organizer Kyoto Museum of Photography Gallery Japanesque
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© Naya Sato

© Naya Sato

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